Hawkcliffe Wood: This once came on the market and was given consideration to be bought and used as a place for the public, Mr. (Pie) Leach who was against this made his point by saying: "ther wor too monny hoils an' caves abaat. They'd be capt if somebody gat dahn one o' t' hoils an' wor nivver seen ageean." A few days later the announcement that Mr. Butterfield's estate agent, Mr. James Wright,  had successfully negotiated with Messrs Dixon, of Steeton, for the purchase of the Wood. One assumes that Pie was happy with this outcome.
Mr. Leach next turned his attention  to the Showfield, it would seem that he was determined that this should be purchased for the town. 

Celebrating Edward VII Coronation 1902

Keighley boasts four parks, the parks we see today are a shadow of the parks of yesterday.  

Cliffe Castle Houses a museum and holds exhibitions. Sir Bracewell Smith bought the house in 1950 and  presented it to Keighley as a public museum.

Victoria Park has been pretty much taken over by road widening and a sports centre with car parking, the once grand manor house now looks a sorry state. There are some photographs at Cliffe Castle which show how grand and wonderful the interior used to be. 
Bought by Sir John Brigg for £8,500, a luncheon party was held  30 October 1891 celebrating the purchase of the estate of twenty one acres and the mansion house. After the signing of the deeds the councilors paraded in their carriages to the mansion, Mayor Ira Ickringill provided the luncheon. The house opened as a museum in 1899.

Lund Park. 
Mr Lund originally in 1888 offered 53 acres for the nominal amount of 15,000 allowing the Council if they so wished to sell 20 acres to recoup against the price. The council hesitated so Lund gifted 15 acres. The park opened in 1891. In the lower left section there were three small lakes at different levels, the bottom one having a fountain, a gift from Mr Lund.
June 1891 planting of memorial  trees

Devonshire Park The Duke of Devonshire presented Keighley with the land to create a park to celebrate Queen Victoria's jubilee. The park was first opened on September 4th 1888.