Moss Carr, or Moss Scarr as it was once known lies high up on the hill tops with Keighley, Bingley and Harden sitting in the valley.

Not far away is St Ives and Druids Altar, believed to have been used for Druidís ceremonies, and around this area  is known to have been inhabited from at least the Neolithic or Bronze Age from artifacts left behind.

Between Marley, Long Lee, Harden and Bingley there were a number of paths and routes, some medieval in age, many now long gone, but some still traceable if you know where to look.

Summer of 2011 and local resident Andrew Jackson came across an interesting find at Moss Carr Cragg, he noticed what seemed to be some carvings on the stone, and with no tools to hand tried to uncover the mystery, another couple of visits but with a spade and he uncovered what can only be described as a mystery. Hoping that someone might have the answer he posted his findings on a Facebook group. 

The carvings give the appearance of a map. 

After an article appeared in the Keighley News, someone came forward to say that the marks had been made by Michael Sawley for him to use with his toy cars. I would imagine that if this gets forgotten that in the future someone else will find the stones and the mystery will start all over again.

There are also some letters and numbers, whether they were done at the same time has yet to be discovered.

These photographs have been taken by Andrew Jackson.